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NUTEINE™ High Protein Vegan Hazelnut Spread [250g]


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nuteine | the most desired cream


High in Proteins Vegan
Hazelnut Cream Natural Aromas
Gluten FREE Egg FREE

Without Maltitol & Polyalcohols

Non-dairy No Palm Oil
No Milk Fat
No Peanut
No Aspartame

nuteine | the most desired cream

Three flavors each one better, so please don't put us in the impossible situation of having to choose which is the proposal we like the most!

Pure flavourbor a CARAMEL COOKIE is the proposal for spreadable cream with white chocolate and that delicious palate that butter and cinnamon cookies with caramel have that you will not be able to stop savoring. Everyone, children and adults, succumb when they enjoy those SPECULOOS COOKIE that are so addictive.

Pure palate of BLACK COOKIE SANDWICH in an unctuous white chocolate cream with authentic cream-filled black biscuit, capable of reminding us of those unmistakable aromas with which we delighted savoring the most famous black cookies SANDWICH COOKIE.

Pure flavor of PINK SPONGE CAKE, a soft and velvety white chocolate cream with real sponge covered in pink chocolate that brings us back to those delicious childhood moments when we enjoyed a fabulous PINK CAKE.

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