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OAT Flakes / Oat flakes is an ideal food product for breakfast or to use between meals when we are fasting for more than 4 or 5 hours, taking advantage of the fact that it is an excellent source of high-quality carbohydrates and other compounds with great benefit for health.

Oats (Avena Sativa L.) is a plant whose cereal grain is
used as an excellent source of nutrients, to such an extent that
consumption of the whole grain has great beneficial effects on
health, due to its high content of antioxidants (eg, avenanthramides)
and saponins (plant steroids, such as avenacosides
A, B, C and D) that have shown properties in various studies anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-dyslipidemia, among others.
What are the properties of Oats?" The
properties of oats make it a very
healthy nutritional food available throughout the year and that provides energy and
strength to whoever takes it Some of its wonderful properties are:1.
Reduces cholesterol levels;A component of oats
called Beta-glucan (fiber) is known to act beneficially for
people affected by cholesterol.2. Antioxidant properties
of oats; These are avenanthramides, which as antioxidants that
are help prevent free radicals from bad cholesterol
, which is why it is another important factor in performance to reduce
cardiovascular diseases 3. Lower blood pressure
Both the consumption of whole grains and fiber
have been studied with optimal results to reduce the risk
of blood pressure high or reduce the risk of having a heart attack
aco. 4. Improves the immune system; Oats have the
property of increasing the immune response against
bacterial infections. Beta-glucan helps immune cells to
locate the source of infection and eliminate the causative bacteria. The
invading pathogens are attacked by our immune defenses, and
a bowl of oatmeal a day is enough to obtain this type of protection in a
more efficient and rapid way.5. Regulates the level of sugar in
blood; Regular consumption of whole grains such as oats reduces
the risk of type 2 diabetes. Continuing with the active ingredient
of oat fiber “beta-glucan” is known to be beneficial for
tackling diseases such as diabetes, since oatmeal or
oat flour has a much lower glycemic index than white rice or
bread. Oats make it easier to keep
blood sugar levels stable as they have a slow absorption of hydrates, they are a
rich source of magnesium, which is a mineral that helps and participates in
secretion of insulin.6. Cancer prevention in
menopausal women; Aside from the benefits of antioxidants in women
who have not yet reached the menopausal stage, whole grains
such as oats significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer
relative to people who consume less fiber. A cup of
oatmeal provides 15% of the recommended amount of fiber, so
you have to accompany the rest of the day's fiber by obtaining it from other
fruits such as apples, figs, pears, Other cereals (always
integral).7. Properties against asthma; The
expectorant and mucolytic properties of oats improve cough and
bronchitis problems. An increase in whole grains such as oats
can reduce the risk of asthma in children by up to 50%.The study was
complemented with the intake of fish together with cereal fiber, so
a high consumption of cereals and fish would reduce the risk of being asthmatic by more than 50
%, as well as a 80% reduction in the risk
of narrowing of the airways that occurs in the bronchiSe
believes that these benefits come from the magnesium and vitamin E
supplied by grains, with the exception of wheat, which is usually being
allergenic, and from the omega 3 fats found in fish.
Perhaps a good way to benefit from this source of omega 3 is
to obtain it from chia seeds.8. Protection against
heart disease; Oats contain "lignans" which are
phytochemicals that are also abundant in other whole grains that are
synthesized thanks to the intestinal flora and help to protect
heart diseases and even breast cancer, such as the case of
enterolactone.9. An alternative for celiacs; Oats
is a cereal that is usually very well tolerated in people with celiac disease or
intolerant to wheat gluten. Although it is true that
celiacs tend to completely avoid cereals that have the gluten protein
such as wheat, rye, barley and also oats, the latter
has such a small amount that it is usually always tolerated, the mucosa of the
small intestine remains intact and the immune system responds
normally. Always use raw, organic oats that have not been mixed
with other grains.10. Diuretic properties; It is possible to eliminate
uric acid and increase the amount of urine thanks to the
silicon mineral contained in oats. In this way, diseases such as
gout or rheumatic diseases related to the retention of
liquid are avoided.11. Beneficial properties for the skin; It is common
to see oats in many beauty or body care products such as
soaps, moisturizing milks, creams, shampoos, etc. And it is that oats
improve the itching produced in psoriasis, scabies, or itching
produced by other types of dermatitis. It is also possible
to use oats as a mask by mixing it with honey and white of egg
achieving skin care and nutrition.
has also been used for burns from fire or sun as it relieves
symptoms quite well.


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