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ASPARTAVAR™ PREMIUM Aspartic Acid that has a potentiating effect on male hormone levels in a natural and safe way, being very useful for certain subjects and conditions.

Consult with your health professional or sports doctor about its use and application in cases where testosterone concentrations are negatively affected either by being overweight/obese... or in biological treatments after a high-dose preparation. performance in order to try to restore the balance of the hormonal axes.

ASPARTAVAR™ does not present adverse effects, at least in the clinical trials carried out to date, in which aspartic acid has been shown to be a completely safe product.

The increase in the concentration of certain male hormones is associated with an increase in strength and muscle hypertrophy, as well as a predisposition to physical exercise and a better post-workout recovery, a plus of vital energy, a state of Improved mood, renewed confidence, drive and sexual energy and fuller and more satisfying relationships.


important | It is recommended to use Aspartavar for a period of 12 days, then rest for a full week and then restart the cycle.

How to use:

As a dietary supplement: 3 grams a day (5 capsules a day) divided into several doses (2 - 3).
Preferably associate the intake with training, (before and/or after), and at night when going to bed.

D-aspartic amino acid, aspartame.

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