ARGININE AK™ [+ vit_B6] 120/600mg


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Arginine provides nitrogen monoxide (NO): as a precursor of nitrogen monoxide, which with its vasodilating effect helps warm up, vascularity, and improves the oxygen supply of muscles and the heart.

Helps to regenerate micro-lesions. It is proven to increase growth hormone production, insulin secretion, and insulin sensitivity.

The B complex vitamins are water soluble, which means that the
body cannot store them, therefore they must be replenished
daily. The B vitamins are essential for growth and help the
body to break down and use food, which is called
metabolism. The B vitamins are as follows:
• B1 (Thiamin): helps helps cells in the body to convert carbohydrates into energy

B2 (Riboflavin): Important for body growth and
production of red blood cells. Helps release energy from
• B3 (Niacin): Involved in the functioning of the
digestive system, skin and nerves. It is also effective for
converting food into energy
• B5 (Pantothenic Acid): helps break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats

B6: is used to help break down proteins (the
higher the protein intake, the greater the need for vitamin
• B7 (Biotin): helps break down proteins and carbohydrates

B12: the The body cannot store water-soluble vitamins, although
B12 can be stored in the liver for years. This vitamin is
important for metabolism, helps in the formation of red blood cells and
improves the functioning of the central nervous system
• Folic acid: helps the body to create new cells. It is essential for women of childbearing age

contains 120 capsules equivalent to 60 doses

L-Arginine, vitamin B6.

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