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Improved Absorption Alkaline Creatine.

Kre-Alkalyn® quality

Modified ph (7) alkaline creatine.

Tested Quality


Creatine KreAlyn™ encapsulated for easy, accurate and versatile dosing to use anywhere and at any time.

KreAlyn™ from MTX nutrition is a product based on Kre-Alkalyn® keatin, that is, a creatine with modified pH.

Alkaline creatine provides certain characteristics or singularities with respect to conventional creatine monohydrate, ranging from improved absorption, lower incidence of stomach discomfort, and faster saturation and effect.

It can help by enhancing physical performance, the demonstration of strength and resistance of force, optimizing recovery processes between series of successive efforts, and between training sessions.


No carbs

No Fat

Sugar Free

750 mg Kre-Alkalyn® creatine/capsule.

Doping Free


Increases show of force

Physical performance

Power and speed.

Optimizes processes for hypertrophy

Allows to maximize hydration and cell volume.

Improves recovery between sets

Favors recovery between workouts


KREALYN™ is a product that uses the highest quality alkaline creatine (registered trademark Kre-Alkalyn®). Creatine has the ability to increase phosphocreatine levels inside cells, more phosphocreatine means more energy available for physical activity. Creatine increases the energy available within the muscle cell, delays fatigue, reduces cell damage, improves recovery, increases the diameter of muscle fibers, and of course, improves performance and strength.

Kre-Alkalyn® 1500 is a product formulated exclusively with Kre-Alkalyn® creatine, it is creatine salts and, therefore, they have greater solubility and bioavailability than conventional creatine monohydrate. By requiring less creatine, your tolerance is better and all the proven benefits of creatine are achieved with less. It is especially interesting for people with delicate digestive systems.


Muscular development.

Training improvement.

More intense workouts.

Fight fatigue.

Increase in strength.


Strength and power athletes, fans of martial arts, contact sports, high intensity sports, team sports, sprinters, middle distance, jumping, throwing, weightlifting...

Fitness users who want to increase their energy levels during workouts, increasing their strength and increasing their muscle mass.

Endurance athletes who want to delay the onset of fatigue and protect their muscles from intense physical activity.

Athletes who must undergo doping control tests or those who do not like conventional creatine monohydrate.


Creatine consumption can be enhanced by the consumption of:





Creatine monohydrate (Kre-alkalyn®) 1.75 grams; gelatin (empty capsule); anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

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