7BOMB Nutrition 80 ml, burst of immediate energy


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– causes the maximum sensation of muscular pumping
– a bombastic sensation of prolonged energy thanks to the addition of citrulline malate
– 2 servings at one time


  • Provides an instant burst of energy.
  • It causes the maximum sensation of muscular pump.
  • Long-lasting energy feeling pump thanks to the addition of citrulline malate
  • Four servings at one time

Pre-workout success BOMB.

A combination of Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, Caffeine and Taurine in high doses concentrated in the shot.

Use it before training and feel the prolonged effect of energy burst .


It is an amino acid that is a precursor and building block of carnosine. Increases its saturation in muscle cells. Beta-Alanine has a very strong effect on energy release, which stimulates and wakes up the muscle before training. It acts as a sudden energy shock for your body.

citrulline malate

Endogenous amino acid. It directly increases the production of nitric oxide (NO) affecting even more strongly the blood flow and vascularization (vascularity). Thanks to a solid dose of this amino acid, you'll feel an extra muscle pump and your veins will be even more visible. Prolongs the action of the other BOMB ingredients


Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and increases metabolism, which is why it is used both for consumption and for medicinal purposes. Reduces the feeling of physical fatigue and restores mental acuity in conditions of weakness or sleepy mood. Caffeine mainly affects the upper level of the nervous system, stimulating, increasing concentration and attention, facilitating the formulation of thoughts and the general coordination of the organism.


This amino acid is formed from meronine and cysteine. It is essential in the transformation processes of the body's proteins. It acts as an effective carrier of muscle building ingredients.

Four concentrated ingredients in a powerful energy shot.

Take a BOMB and feel the lasting energy.

How to use: Use 1/4 bottle before or during training. Do not exceed 1 serving per day.

Shake before using.

Consume within 24 hours of opening.

Ingredients :

  • beta alanine: 800mg/20ml
  • citrulline malate: 333mg/20ml
  • taurine: 333mg/20ml
  • caffeine: 133mg/20ml
  • glucuronolactone: 83mg/20ml

Due to the beta alanine content, the product description must contain the following information: The product is intended for people with increased physical activity.

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