THERMOCODE™ [90cap/887mg].


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THERMOCODE ™ It is the result of an advanced combination of PREMIUM phytoextracts with some of the best and most effective world patents. And other master substances capable of stimulating the degradation and use of stored fats, either as a result of thermogenesis activation in brown adipose tissue, or also by promoting peripheral lipolysis and at the muscle level, as well as through of the subsequent beta-oxidation of fatty acids. The use of THERMOCODE ™ has a minimal negative effect on the cardiovascular system, it increases the internal temperature, favoring blood irrigation, at the same time that it causes an inhibition of alpha (α) 2 receptors that block the processes for the breakdown of fats,

Some of the properties of THERMOCODE ™ are supplied 200 mg of caffeine per capsule to take advantage of the ergogenic effects on sports performance while maximizing the efficiency of beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Contains CAPSIMAX® which delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids to achieve a great thermogenic effect without the oral and gastric itching sensation of red peppers. THERMCODE is a promising supplement as a dietary strategy during anti-obesity regimen that can be easily applied in daily life. Contains Kola Nut extract which, in addition to providing caffeine, comforts and enhances our focus, determination and neuromuscular performance. It provides Green Tea extract, which in addition to being a great antioxidant, has the ability to increase fat mobilization by allowing a longer half-life of adrenaline after exercise . Includes an efficient dose of SINETROL, which acts as a great antioxidant, increases carbohydrate / fat metabolism and helps strengthen the immune system.
Promotes the degradation and use of fats as fuel. Increases body temperature, especially at rest, improving fat breakdown. Inhibits the feeling of hunger and reduces appetite. It favors the greater secretion of catecholamines, which sensitize energy degradation processes, improve alertness, and predispose to carrying out all kinds of activities. It can increase vasodilation at the peripheral level, which in turn increases the delivery of blood to the muscle mass and with it a better oxygenation and nutrition of the muscle tissue subjected to effort, therefore performance, energy , muscular congestion, recovery capacity, and expression of force are totally amplified. Effectively stimulates the central nervous system,

(CAPSIMAX, SINETROL), antioxidants (OXXYNEA), stimulants (Coffea Arabica Extract), Green Tea, Mate, Kola Nut; Korean ginseng.

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