ProBIOTIC LIFE™ [60 caps]


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PrBIOTIC LIFE ™ Our prebiotic supplement is a super advanced formula with more than 10,000 million CFUs (Forming Units of Cologne) that combines highly effective worldwide multispecies probiotic patents ( MegaFLORA® & UASlabs® ), with the probiotic strain L RHAMNOSUS and a prebiotic part ( INULIN-FOS ), in order to achieve the maximum strength of their synergistic union in favor of your digestive health. When we talk about PR BIOTICS we talk about a professional probiotic supplement -PROFESSIONAL FORMULA- thanks to the fact that we have developed one of the best probiotic supplements on the market with ingredients of maximum effectiveness, synergistic combination and added prebiotic effect.

An important part of our immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract, so its good health, in addition to the balance of its microbial flora, is an effective way to support the immune system and general health . With PrBIOTIC LIFE ™ you will achieve a recovery of the microbiota when it is altered due to infections, stress or poor diet, or prevent constipation, diarrhea or even irritable bowel syndrome. PrBIOTIC LIFE ™ is capable of modulating and strengthening the immune system, keeping gynecological and urinary infections at bay, reducing body fat, improving the feeling of energy and vitality, and of course combating various common digestive disorders.

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