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Made of quality materials and high durability (Latex, Polyester, Polyamide...) washable at low - medium temperature.

Designed to minimize the overexertion of the joint and to guarantee maximum joint stability while performing exercises where the integrity of the knee is compromised.

Made with materials that add resistance as well as elasticity to adjust correctly and provide proper support.

The knee is a complex joint, and this complexity makes it prone to injury as it supports the levers of two very elongated limbs that exert enormous stress. If we add to all this the complex ligaments and other structures that support and make up the knee, we can come to understand the risk of working without proper protection.

So when the exercises, the volume of work or the load are really hard, try to use support thanks to knee pads. Helps prevent injuries or overloads in exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, polymetric jumps...

It is not advisable to abuse its use and use it on occasions where the load or work overload really requires it, and not habitually.

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