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Gloves of the highest quality and resistance for hard training with weights made with quality materials and high durability (Latex, Polyester, Polyamide...) washable at low - medium temperature.

Robust but aesthetic and comfortable gloves for women with a real non-slip grip effect.

Comfortable Flexible, comfortable, light and airy women's training gloves.

Perfect for fitness training with weights, or in the gym with machines or pulleys.

Using gloves makes the grip more comfortable and avoids the appearance of those unsightly hardness on the palms. They can even help you alleviate some of the pain caused by using weights and dumbbells due to the friction of the metal on the palm of the hand.

Of course, you can train without gloves, but as you well know, on many occasions sweating plays tricks on us when it comes to being able to safely hold the weight, dumbbell or appliqué of the machine in question, something that, in addition to being a risk, poses a risk. detriment of our work since it has a very negative influence on the correct performance of the exercises.

Do not dismiss their use for some kind of prejudice or for any other erroneous consideration, since gloves can and will be one of your best allies in your active lifestyle.

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