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ISOZYME ™ is a fast-absorbing PREMIUM Whey Protein Isolate (CFM) supplement (20' ).

ISOZYME is especially useful when making a contribution of proteins during peri-training (before , during and after exercise), as well as to compensate the protein ration in some of the main meals when you are on a calorie-restricted or high-protein diet, low in sodium, lactose... so common during the final preparation of the Fitness athletes, Bodybuilding, combat sports forced to give weight (wrestling, boxing...), gymnastics, among others.

ISOZyme is a fast-absorbing (20') Premium Whey Protein Isolate (CFM) supplement. Its characteristics make it an ideal concentrated food when providing protein during peri-workout (before, during and after exercise), as well as to compensate the protein ration in some of the main meals when following a diet. of calorie restriction or high protein, low in sodium and/or lactose, very common during the final preparation of Fitness athletes, Bodybuilding, combat sports that have to gain weight (wrestling, boxing...), gymnastics. .. ISOZYME from MTX ELITE BODYBUILDING is the fast absorbing protein that contains the best 100% whey isolate (WPI) CFM protein. The CFM (CROSS FLOW MICROFILTRATION) or double cross flow process allows obtaining a high protein concentration (+90%) and a large presence of free amino acids, di-peptides and tri-peptides, which allows an almost immediate supply of amino acids. to the bloodstream. The main benefits of ISOZYME are: Promotes the gain of strength and hypertrophy. Reduces the total intake of sodium in the diet. Minimize the total contribution of fat to the diet. Promotes an active and efficient immune system. Helps improve protein intake in the diet before and after exercise. Improves alertness and mental concentration. Improve recovery processes. Promotes muscle protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance. A quality isolate that provides the maximum possible amount of protein. With an extremely low carbohydrate and fat value. It also contains added vitamins to improve protein assimilation. Increases positive nitrogen balance. Improves protein synthesis. Promotes recovery. Activates the immune system. Improves overall health.

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