Foods & the City - SHAKER 500ml


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The Foods & the City mixing glass is a useful accessory both for transporting and consuming water or other beverages and for mixing powdered food preparations and supplements.
A glass known as a Shaker made of high-quality food plastic, free of BPA (Bisphenol) with a double-deep thread that makes it truly hermetic.
The screw cap on its outlet offers added security for the leakage of liquids during transport compared to other models whose lid is pressure, something that although it may seem comfortable, sometimes it is a real handicap in this sense.
The latest generation mixing grid has a simple but very effective design at first glance to achieve homogeneous mixtures that minimize the appearance of lumps, and on the other hand, make it easier to clean.
This Foods & the City model adds to its features an additional container (which we can use or not) to transport an extra portion of our powdered supplement, but in this case dry.
Its capacity is 500 ml, which offers versatility not only for consuming a large portion of liquids, while also ensuring comfortable transport in almost any bag or backpack.

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