FitSpo DELUXE | Protein Bar Multilayer Filling & Crispy Topping 65g


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FitSpo DELUXE is a new generation multi-layer filling protein bar that combines exceptional taste and functionality.

Has a delicious soft core with two textures of soft dough and cream, both sugar-free, topped with smooth chocolate and SUGARfree crunchy protein chips.

the perfect guilt-free snack for athletes and active people faithful to a healthy lifestyle who want to enjoy sweet moments without regrets.

A multi-layered chocolate bar of a new generation. Combine flavor and functionality. It has a rich smooth core with extra cream filling, and is coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate (30%) with a crispy, crunchy effect.

High protein content (30g per 100g) and has no added sugars, l

Perfect to take (65 g.) anywhere and consume at any time.

30% Proteins / 21g /Bar
1 box /12 bar / 65g/UD

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