AMINERGY™ Sport [160cap]


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This revolutionary MTX_nutrition supplement is a unique formula made from serum-derived peptides and dipeptides (short chains of two or more amino acids) rich in organic iron .
Its origin and structure have a very high bioavailability (15'), so they are very effective for optimizing regeneration processes and muscle growth after exercise; provide energy during the development of long-term physical activity; as well as to activate the metabolic springs of an optimal psychophysical predisposition to the effort.
Our peptides are extracted directly from blood plasma using an exclusive method of purification and isolation, and therefore AMINERGY represents a true and indisputable nutritional revolution for sport.
Having amino acids in the form of biological (natural) peptides and practically identical to our blood amino acids and peptides not only provide these mentioned advantages, but we are still trying to understand a long list of positive effects identified and associated with supplementation with AMINERGY in a vast field of activity and benefits in areas ranging from anti-inflammatory, cognitive, immune, hypertrophy, adaptogen, sleep quality, skin, joint, and much more.

Exclusive AMIPEXcross ™ technology capable of extracting the 22 amino acids into bioactive peptide fractions from any that the body "makes" the 1,600 proteins that make up the human body. We can ingest an adequate amount of amino acids through our diet, but it is not enough. The key lies in taking the right combination, in a sufficient concentration and at the right time for them to perform the function we want. With AMINERGY ™ Sport you ensure that you provide 22 basic, natural amino acids, in the form of peptides, and in the appropriate proportion (aminogram) to optimize Recovery, Performance, Strength and Muscle quality and to assimilate them! in record time!

Bipeptide amino acids derived from blood plasma (rich in organic iron); Gelatin (Empty Capsule Envelope).

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