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AMINERGY ™ Builder - contains 160 capsules. This revolutionary supplement from MTX_nutrition is a unique formula of peptides and dipeptides (short chains of two amino acids) of serum origin and free of organic iron. Their origin and structure give them a very high bioavailability (15'), which allows them to be very useful when it comes to optimizing the processes of regeneration and muscle growth. AMINERGY ™ peptides are extracted directly from blood plasma, something that makes them different for several reasons: amino acids in the form of peptides equal to those of our blood. Natural amino acids, not synthetic -artificial-.

Exclusive AMIPEXcross ™ technology capable of extracting the 22 amino acids into bioactive peptide fractions from any that the body "makes" the 1,600 proteins that make up the human body. We can ingest an adequate amount of amino acids through our diet, but it is not enough. The key lies in taking the right combination, in a sufficient concentration and at the right time so that do what we want. With AMINERGY ™ Sport you ensure to provide 22 basic, natural amino acids, in the form of peptides, and in the Adequate proportion (aminogram) to optimize Recovery, Performance, Strength and Muscle quality And to assimilate them in record time!

About this product

  • AMINERGY BUILDER is a nutritional supplement that provides you with a perfect combination in bipeptide form of the 22 amino acids that your body needs when it is undergoing intensive training and muscle building processes, with the aim of in less than 15 minutes the amino acids have reached the blood and are available to increase the level of energy, strength and resistance and reduce fatigue.
  • The amino acids present in AMINERGY BUILDER are extracted directly from blood plasma, which makes AMINERGY BUILDER a product for the following reasons: They are amino acids in peptide form, just like we have them in our blood. They are natural amino acids, that is, they are not artificially synthesized.
  • The extraction process, being exclusive, makes AMINERGY BUILDER the only product on the market that presents these characteristics. Currently, other laboratories are developing methods to carry out this extraction but, for the moment, they have not been able to obtain all of the 22 amino acids.
  • What are Essential Amino Acids?"] There are 8 amino acids that perform essential functions for life and must be consumed daily because they cannot be synthesized by the body from other sources, and their lack would cause organic deficiencies , which can manifest itself in alterations or pathologies such as muscle atrophies, mental retardation, and other organic dysfunctions (Braverman ER, 1997).
  • Per Dose of 6 Capsules Per 100 grams Energy Value: 10.62 Kcal / 44.33 Kj Energy Value: 393.33 Kcal. / 1.641.98 Kj Carbohydrates: 0.0054 grams. Protein: 2,632 grams. Fat: 0.0138 grams. Carbohydrates: 0.20 grams. Protein: 97.49 grams. Fat: 0.511 grams.

D-aspartic amino acid, aspartame.

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